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How to Repair Peeling Lacquer on Your Car with Touch Up Paint Kit

How to Repair Peeling Lacquer on Your Car with Touch Up Paint Kit

If you're a car owner, you're probably aware that your car's paintwork is one of its most important features. Not only does it protect the car from the elements, but it also adds to the car's appearance and value. Unfortunately, over time, the paint on your car can start to peel, leaving unsightly patches of bare metal or primer. If left untreated, this can lead to further damage and corrosion, which can be expensive to repair. Thankfully, offers a solution with their peeling lacquer repair kit.

What Causes Peeling Lacquer?

Before we dive into how to repair peeling lacquer, let's first understand what causes it. Peeling lacquer is typically caused by a breakdown in the bond between the lacquer and the basecoat of paint. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including exposure to sunlight, moisture, and chemicals. In some cases, it may also be due to a manufacturing defect or poor quality materials.

Why Repair Peeling Lacquer?

You may be wondering why it's necessary to repair peeling lacquer on your car. After all, it may not seem like a major issue. However, if left untreated, peeling lacquer can lead to further damage to your car's paintwork. It can also allow moisture to penetrate the paint, which can lead to rust and corrosion. In addition, peeling lacquer can reduce the value of your car, as it makes it appear older and less well-maintained than it actually is.

The Solution:'s Peeling Lacquer Repair Kit

Fortunately, repairing peeling lacquer is easy with's peeling lacquer repair kit. The kit includes everything you need to repair peeling lacquer on your car's paintwork, including a lacquer remover, sandpaper, lacquer, and an applicator.

  1. Lacquer Remover - The lacquer remover is a specially formulated solution that is designed to remove the damaged lacquer from your car's paintwork. It's easy to use and doesn't damage the basecoat of paint.

  2. Sandpaper - Once the lacquer is removed, you'll need to sand down the affected area to prepare it for the repair.'s kit includes high-quality sandpaper that is designed to be gentle on your car's paintwork.

  3. Lacquer -'s lacquer is of the highest quality and is designed to match the original finish of your car. It's available in a range of colours to match any car make and model.

  4. Applicator - The kit includes an easy-to-use applicator that allows you to apply the lacquer evenly and smoothly. The applicator is designed to be gentle on your car's paintwork and helps to prevent drips and runs.

Using the Kit: Step-by-Step

Now that you understand what's included in the kit, let's take a closer look at how to use it.

  1. Clean the Affected Area - First, clean the affected area thoroughly with soap and water. This will remove any dirt or debris that may be on the surface of the paintwork.

  2. Apply Lacquer Remover - Next, apply the lacquer remover to the affected area. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and avoid getting the solution on any areas that don't need to be repaired.

  3. Sand the Area - Once the lacquer remover has done its job, use the sandpaper provided to sand down the affected area. This will smooth out any rough spots and prepare the surface for the lacquer.

  4. Apply Lacquer - Using the applicator provided, apply the lacquer to the affected area. Be sure to apply it evenly and avoid leaving any bubbles or streaks. You may need to apply multiple coats, depending on the severity of the damage.

    1. Allow to Dry - Once you've applied the lacquer, allow it to dry completely before touching or handling the repaired area. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on the temperature and humidity.

    2. Buff and Polish - After the lacquer has dried, use a high-quality polishing compound to buff the repaired area to a smooth finish. This will help blend the repaired area with the surrounding paintwork, making it look like new.


    If you're dealing with peeling lacquer on your car's paintwork, don't panic.'s peeling lacquer repair kit provides an easy and affordable solution that can restore your car's appearance and protect it from further damage. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can repair peeling lacquer and keep your car looking its best for years to come.


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