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How To Remove Bird Poop From Your Car Without Damaging Paint

Removing Bird Poop Off Your Car Without Damaging Paint

Behold the majestic Scissor-tailed Flycatcher gracefully gliding over the parking lot – and it appears my car has become an unintended target, hasn't it?

For those who have emerged from H-E-B only to find their vehicle adorned with avian artistry, the dual role of cars as both city navigators and airborne restrooms becomes evident. While the unsightliness of bird droppings on your car is undeniable, did you know that dry bird excrement can etch into your vehicle's paint? The acidic nature of avian waste makes it a frequent culprit behind auto paint damage. This emphasizes the importance of knowing how to swiftly remove bird droppings from your car.

Feel free to vent your frustrations at those airborne artists for their masterpiece on your car. Just ensure you clean it promptly. Here are five efficient ways to cleanse your vehicle of this unexpected art installation.

Water + Baking Soda Solution

In the absence of WD-40, a straightforward mixture of baking soda and hot water proves effective. Combine a quart of warm or hot water with four tablespoons of baking soda in a 32-ounce spray bottle. Shake the solution, apply it to the dry bird poop stain, let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse with a hose.

Innovative Bird Poop Car Wipes

Enter the realm of specialty products like Drop Wipes, designed to excel at eliminating dry bird droppings from cars. Crafted from biodegradable bamboo and infused with an all-natural poop-cleaning formula, these wipes neutralize the uric acid in bird droppings. When your vehicle becomes a bird bullseye, grab one of these wipes, wipe away, and dispose.

Seltzer Water Method

For stubborn bird droppings on your windshield, consider seltzer water or club soda as an effective solution. Pour some on the affected area, wait a few minutes, and then clean with water or activate your windshield wipers.

(Warning: Avoid using cola to clean bird droppings off your car, as it is corrosive to automotive paint, wax, and rubber.)

Quick Detailer Spray

The most convenient method involves a quick detailer spray and a soft microfiber towel. These sprays, affordable and effective, efficiently handle not only bird droppings but also bugs, water spots, fingerprints, grease, and other contaminants. Use the spray sparingly, and it should last for years, ensuring a pristine finish for your vehicle.