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What Colour Is My Car?

What Colour Is My Car?

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Cars come in an extensive array of colours, extending far beyond the basic red and white differentiations. Deciphering the specific shade can be more intricate than it seems.

For instance, the category of 'white' itself encompasses numerous shades, requiring the blending of approximately seven distinct paint colours to create a customized white car finish. This complexity extends to various other car paint colours as well. Consequently, to achieve optimal results in repairing scratches, scuffs, or chips, it is imperative to acquire the precise match for your car. Here are several options to assist you in this endeavor:

Retrieve your paint code through UK registration:

Our foremost recommendation is to locate your paint code on our website using your vehicle registration number. Simply input the registration number into our designated reg checker for colour-matched car paint and initiate the search. The results will confirm essential details about your car, such as make, model, year, and the basic colour, such as black. Note that even within colours like black, there exist various shades, but our system guides you through to checkout, ensuring accuracy in your purchase.

Discover your paint code using the brand search:

Utilize our website's brand search tool by scrolling down from the 'paint code by reg' box. Choose your car manufacturer from the list, read the tips provided, and locate the paint code on your vehicle. Enter the key colour into the search box and choose from the different shade variants, such as Nissan Black Pearl G41 or Mini Hot Orange Met A26.

Alternative methods to find your paint code:

If the registration-based method is not feasible, you can explore other avenues. Car manufacturers typically record the original paint code in the boot, under the bonnet, or inside the door jamb. Check our guides for specific manufacturer details. In cases where your car brand or model may not be in our database, contacting your car manufacturer or consulting online resources like Google or car club forums may provide the necessary information.

Ordering your touch-up car paint:

Once you have your paint code, our website streamlines the process for product selection, offering precision touch-up car paint options such as pens, bottles, or aerosols. After adding your required items to the basket, proceed to checkout, where various delivery options are available to suit your preferences. Feel free to reach out to our team via email if you have any questions.

Explore our product range:

Use our tool to identify the right Touchuppaint product for a professional-looking repair

This comprehensive approach ensures a precise match for your car's color, facilitating a seamless and effective touch-up process.